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Litigation for credit recovery, based on agribusiness securities, especially seizures of commodities backed by rural product certificates, in all regions of the country; Litigation for compensation arising from the rural “supplier-producer” relationship; Structuring of guarantees and agribusiness bonds (CPR (rural product-backed certificates); CDA/WA (agribusiness warehousing certificates/agribusiness warrants); CRA (rural product-backed certificates); Barter Operations (Exchange); Structuring of real guarantees in association with Agribusiness operations.

Civil Litigation

Litigation of civil and commercial nature, throughout the national territory: Lawsuits involving distribution, commercial representation and logistics relationships, among others; Collection of securities and related guarantees, such as pledges and mortgages; Litigation involving real estate businesses such as real estate partnerships, real estate acquisitions, contractual terminations and relationship between builders/developers and purchasers; Litigation of contractual relationships, whether for termination of contracts or specific performance of obligations (obrigação de fazer); Legal proceedings for damages based on breach of contract or civil liability.

Corporate Restructuring

Feasibility analysis of judicial and extrajudicial restructuring of companies; Structuring judicial corporate restructuring; Participating in the judicial corporate restructuring.

Mediation and Arbitration

Representation in arbitration proceedings and judicial measures aimed at guaranteeing the effectiveness of the arbitration clause; Acting in mediation procedures; Drafting of arbitration clauses and dispute resolution; Legal counseling for enforcement of foreign arbitral awards.

Family and Succession

Legal counseling in family cases, such as property regime, alimony, custody and visitation; Mediation (pre-litigation) in family cases seeking a settlement between the parties, without the need for a lawsuit; Counseling in the formalization of deeds and other necessary instruments in case of marriage and stable union; Litigation in divorce, heritage, alimony (fixation, exoneration or review), regulation of visits and custody of minors; Counseling on divorces and extrajudicial procedures.

Third Sector

Counseling to activities related to the Third Sector; Legal advice on obtaining tax benefits; Counseling in the preparation and review of bylaws and other corporate acts; Counseling in obtaining public, federal, state and municipal certifications.

Real Estate

Due Diligence for the acquisition of real estate assets; Lease agreements, “built to suit” agreements, construction and real estate management; Incorporations and land subdivisions; Commercial and residential real estate projects; Allotments and Associations; Investments in hotels, tourism and malls; Rural Properties (leasing; partnerships and foreign investment);

Corporate Law - M&A

Strategic analysis, counseling and implementation of M&A Operations; Tax advisory and consulting in corporate transactions; Implementation of corporate planning; Constitution and Structuring of Companies, Societies and Associations, as well as registration of entrepreneurs; Counseling and drafting of corporate documents, including contractual and statutory amendments, shareholders' agreement, Minutes of Meetings and shareholders' meeting; Foreign investments and business contracts, in terms of corporate aspects; Counseling and structuring of heritage and succession organizations.

Tax law

Tax counseling at federal, state, municipal and social security levels; Tax recovery; Administrative and Judicial Litigation in all jurisdictions; Counseling and monitoring tax inspections; Strategic analysis of M&A operations, foreign investments and business contracts, regarding tax aspects; Tax advice related to patrimonial and succession organization.

Labor Law - Advisory / Preventive

Drafting contracts of labor nature and recommending ways of hiring, according to activities and functional level; Labor advice, dealing with issues of customer interest with a preventive and consultative focus, seeking to adapt its procedures, routines and practices to the legislation, in order to prevent litigation and mitigate risks; Drafting documents to standardize labor practices; Development of labor routines and Human Resources; Legal opinions on labor issues; Assistance in collective labor negotiations and union relations.

Labor Litigation

Defense in labor claims and compliance actions, before the Labor Court; Monitoring inspections and defense in labor assessments before the Ministry of Labor and Employment (MTE); Monitoring and defense in Proceedings before the Labor Prosecutor Office (MPT).


Negotiation and drafting of commercial contracts; Commercial representation and distribution contracts; Franchising Structuring; Legal Opinion on contracts and specific contractual clauses; Heads of agreements; Term Sheet; MOU and Protocols of Intent; NDA/Confidentiality Agreements; Supply, Transport and Partnership Contracts; Brokerage and Consulting Agreements.

Consumer Relations

Preventive advice in administrative proceedings; Litigation in indemnity lawsuits, whether for material and/or moral damages, in the supplier-consumer relation; Preventive counseling to the customer support department (SAC), drafting legal opinions on topics related to consumer relations.

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